An Ethic of Care

Rank always comes in high and low pairs.

The low ranking needs compassion as a counter-balance to the put down- perhaps even as a counter-balance to perceived ‘justice’. A compassionate curiosity about

what and when low rank constellates can help us step in, step out and step up.

The high ranking in relationships also needs an ethic of care and compassion to:

– prevent abuse occurring

– step in and intervene / protect from

abuse as it is happening

– help / support the individual to regain

their resources when it is passed

This care and support can be on the inside and from an outer supportive figure.

Where love trumps fear, our inner wise one has the spaciousness to materialise in its

natural place and, so, be visible; it can speak up and be listened to. As we define our action in the world, we show up in a relational mode as that which we already are.

Love, compassion and an ethic of care shift awareness and sharpen our senses.


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