Deep Democracy Forum in conversations, to connect and together to ‘dream the future’ we want to see. If we are to create it, first we need to imagine it. We needn’t stumble into the unknown blind and on our own. Let’s find new ways to hold us together in the unknown, for a while. 

This is a collaboration of individuals who have come together to inquire: where are we now?

What are the roles each of us is expressing?

What is not spoken but organises the potent field we are in?

How can we use, today, the relating of our past to address conflict in our communities?

We aim to foster the skills needed to facilitate deep democracy forums as a space to process the hot issues of our day. We make space for our stories that are so different and yet belong together. 

We have explored issues which loom large in our collective consciousness such as Migration and Brexit. Currently, we are exploring the impact of COVID-19: crisis, change and dreaming the future. 

How it started

Our story began in a cafeteria at the last day of Worldwork Warsaw in April 2014 when Hubert and I, after seven days of emotional intensity, imagined what it would be like if we were to continue to process the many roles, the feelings, the powers and the collective dreams that play out in the arena of our lives.  

For many who attended that event, coming to Warsaw was an immediate confrontation with their history, it left us with a new understanding of the complexity of History and an acute sense of urgency to become, all of us, guardians of the future. 

Today we are a group of 6 individuals from different parts of the UK. We have been talking about our feelings, our history, the different histories and unique experiences each of us brings and the challenges we face. The Deep Democracy Forum is under the aegis of the charity, Act for Change.

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